Our architectural philosophy

We believe in a contemporary and modern architecture that responds to the site conditions and the expectations of our clients, using state-of-the-art building techniques
We love the simplicity in design because it goes far beyond the way things look.
There is an enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity, in efficiency. It derives from so much more than in the absence of ornamentation. It brings order to complexity.
We seek efficiency in our projects, building techniques and systems so it takes us to the functional and economical efficiency of our buildings, doesn’t matter if it’s your home or your business.
We’ll spare you a lot of headaches, because we will be your only spokesperson. We will solve your problems and manage your entire project.
We are proud of ending up being friends of our customers.

Nico Heinz, arquitecto

Nico Heinz

Architect. Senior partner

The international. Responsible for international clients
Born in Reutlingen (Germany) in 1976. Studied Architecture at the ETSA Granada. Board member nr 4344 at COAGranada since 2002. Speaks fluent English and German


Alejandro Sánchez Fernández - arquitecto

Alejandro Sánchez Fernández

Architect. Senior partner

The manager – solves every problem with the authorities
Born in Granada in 1975. Studied architecture in ETSA Granada. Board member nr 4331 at COAGranada since 2002


Our other team members & contributors

In our team we have other members that take care of special areas including:

  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Structural Engineers
  • Other Engineers

Rubén López Cantero

Quantity Surveyor

Our right hand at our construction sites. Responsible for Safety and Security, Quantity and Quality control


José Lavado – HL Ingeniería de Estructuras

Civil Engineer

Our expert for structural engineering. Teacher of the Civil & Structural Engineering Department – University of Granada