Expert Witness & Expert Reports

We have several senior highly-qualified staff who specialise in different areas of the construction field. Each is experienced in providing specific expert witness advice in and out of court when disputes occur and arbitration or litigation become the only viable means of settlement  Our single joint expert service is available in most areas of property and construction disputes such as.

We can provide assistance with:
Professional negligence – cost management, project management and building surveying
Programming and quantum claims

  • Preliminary appraisals
  • Early settlement advice
  • Help with expert reports and evidence

And we offer all sorts of Expert Reports:

Building construction problems

  • Negligence
  • Professional negligence (architecture & construction)
  • Home improvement disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Contractor & sub-contractor disputes
  • Improper contract administration (construction)
  • Claims investigation (property insurance)

Architectural design problems:

  • Design defects (faults)
  • Architectural defects
  • Building component & design failures

Construction works:

  • Project management (construction)
  • Architectural & building technology
  • Professional negligence of surveyors & other construction professionals
  • Repair of historic & traditional buildings
  • Building surveying
  • Building litigation
  • Building defects disputes
  • Personal injury claims related to construction or design
  • Residential & commercial surveys
  • Building conservation
  • Building insurance claims. 

We also offer surveys for your property:

  • Measured surveys of existing buildings or plots
  • Construction quality check

Building Inspections a.k.a. ITE – “Inspección Técnica de Edificios”

The ITE Inspección Técnica de Edificios(or the future IEE – Informe de Evaluación de Edificios) is compulsory in almost every spanish city or town. It’s an inspection to control structural stability and construction security for buildings that are older than 50 years.
If you have been required by the local authority to perform an ITE, get in touch with us, we will give you more information and prepare your report