Dealing with spanish authorities sometimes is a bit complicated.

The service that international clients require most is our management: we take care of all the paperwork, the applications, the submissions to solve your issue, independently if it’s a big project, your house, a refurbishment, or just something you have been requested for (from, for example, the town hall or the land registry)
We also can offer you a whole team of experts to solve your issue: from engineers to lawyers that are our frequent contributors.

So any trouble you have with your property, just call us, we will help you to fix it.

Do you want to build a new house or refurbish an existing one?
We can take care of everything. If you hire our Full Project Management we will save you lots of headaches.

Our Full Project Management includes:

  • The Project – first of all comes the design (to know more please read How we work)
  • The Application for the building license at the local town hall
  • The best team of professionals – with our team of surveyors you won’t have to worry about anything
  • Tender Action – we’ll get the best builder for your project and we will administer the terms of the contract between you and the building company
  • Site Management - we will ensure that everything is done the right way. No surprises with the budget. The quality as you expect it. Always updated information
  • Post Completion Assistance – as the works are finished there’s still some paperwork to be done and you need to know how everything works in the house – we will stand by your side
  • With our modern cost control you will know at every stage how much you have to spend.
    From our first estimates we will inform you about constructions costs, professional fees and taxes, and before the bulding works begin, all the budgets must be closed.